G-Star Raw Wall Wrap @ Showroom

This was a tricky install that went from the main floor to the 2nd floor and then extends onto the ceiling. A simple ladder wouldn’t cut it for this job, we had to call in the big guns. A scissor lift was used to help reach the very top – an invaluable tool for jobs like these. The entire graphic was printed on a removable wall film with a matte lamination to help reduce glare.

Nobis Window Display

Nobis wanted to make a big impression at the Real Sports clothing store so no expense was spared. Every inch of the available space was either wrapped or branded to create an eye popping “ice cave” display. We ended up doing a non slip floor wrap, 10′x10′ backdrop, foamboard inserts for the garment racks, a pillar wrap, and a contour cut graphic all along the sides of the windows. After we were done The Nobis team hauled in boulders, rocks, imitation snow, trees, branches and of course their jackets to complete the whole look.


Puma and MINI collaborated on a contest to see who can guess how many shoes can fit inside a MINI. The winner would receive a free one year lease of a MINI Cooper S. A total of 4 MINIs were wrapped and shipped to different cities in Canada, we spotted one of them here in Toronto. So how many kicks were there in the MINI?…We still don’t know.

Fidel Gastro’s Food Truck

There’s no doubt that the food truck business has been booming in the States. It’s unfortunate that the City of  Toronto doesn’t embrace the same enthusiasm towards food trucks as some of the cities over the border. However, Fidel Gastro’s is hoping to turn things around. After finding a suitable truck and retrofitting an entire kitchen inside, he brought it to us to get wrapped. The paint was in pretty rough shape so a lot of prep work had to be done. We sanded, de-greased, washed, and then washed it again to make sure there would be no problems in the future with the vinyl lifting. Once the truck was done a whole camera crew followed Fidel Gastro’s to film him picking up his newly wrapped truck – watch for the show, Rebel Without A Kitchen on TV soon!

Toronto Honda Indy – Ferrari After Party

We were asked to help transform The Gardiner Museum on Queen St. to become the Toronto Honda Indy after party spot for Ferrari. We fully wrapped the outdoor pylons with their corporate colours and logos along with a few pieces inside. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and the vinyl was practically melting in our hands, it was quite the struggle to get everything up properly and on time. In the end everything worked out, and we were glad to have been able to provide a small part of this swanky event.

Elevator Wrap

Tiff Doors

G-Star Raw Toronto – Hoarding Sign

We were ecstatic to hear that G-Star was coming to Toronto, a few of us at the office are big fans of their clothing. The Toronto store located on Queen St. was opening soon and they had to get the word out. A traditional hoarding sign was just not going to cut it, this had to be clean and seamless. We printed a 10′ tall banner on 15oz ultraflex material and screwed it into place. We hid the screws by installing plastic trim all along the sides – a step we don’t  usually do, but was definitely glad we did in the end.

MINI Countryman Matte Black Wrap @ Toronto Autoshow

Is This Paint?

Is This Paint?

We were asked to participate in an interesting project with MINI. Our job was to completely wrap a MINI Countryman  in matte black vinyl for the Toronto Autoshow. We weren’t really sure what they were up to and everything was very secretive. While the car was on display I was amazed at how many people were touching the car, they all seemed quite perplexed about the finish. You can hear them ask, “what is this? is it paint?”, most were surprised when the learned it was actually vinyl. At around 1pm the real show began, out of nowhere people started drawing on the car with white sharpies, the shocked faces of everyone around was priceless. Needless to say, it sure drew crowd. The “special edition” MINI can be seen once in a while driving around the Markham area.

Herjavec Group Race Car

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